Why Fitness has Become Crucial in Cricket?

Fitness in Cricket

Importance of Fitness in Cricket

Fitness in Cricket: It is the season of World Cup 2019 and every player from each participating team is preparing for the world cup as they sharpen game and Fitness to give their best in the world cup which is happening in England and it is expected to be the world cup with fireworks for every team. main reason for 2019 world cup being the toughest is that the entire format is different and in 44 years of world cup history, it is the first time that world cup is happening in this format. This world cup will not have any super eight round or quarterfinal round like the previous 11 editions of the world cup. It will just have 10 teams participating and they will be playing against each other once and top 4 teams will be playing in the semi final.

Many experts has given a thumbs up for this format and has said that it will be the toughest world cup and this world cup will see the real world champions as a team will be facing every participating team for minimum of one time in the tournament. Round Robin format is the best format as it shows the real champion, a team must have plan for every team in world cup to cross hurdles and win that dream trophy. This is the challenge this format has posed on the team captains. All the teams have announced teams for the world cup and there is happiness among the selected player, obviously, it is a dream come moment for any team and disappointment among the players those have not got selected is in the emotional mode as world cup is something they play for. as some might be happy with team selection, will now have to look at the fitness department. when it comes to team selection, there will be difference of opinion every time when it comes to team selection.

Fitness in Cricket

There is nothing wrong in it, it has become the nature of the cricket circle as opinions fly high every time especially when a world cup squad is announced, in fact, it is for the world cup, the team is built for four years in matches played through those days. Every player will have a dream to represent his country, when that dream is fulfilled, then it does not stop there as it gets shifted to another dream of scoring consistently for the team and then it does not stop there too, it gets switched to the even main dream that is representing country in the world cup, when he gets selected, it does not get stopped there too, it gets to the even biggest dream of winning the world cup for the country. Every team has their set of batsmen ready, all- rounder ready, bowlers ready the world cup is not so far.

Now as batsmen and bowler can gear up their game, there is one factor which decides everything in cricket and it is fitness. Fitness can be the biggest match winner in cricket as fitness scan beat any talent in any profession in the world. in cricket, fielder can save many runs and it is equal to the runs he scores with the bat. For a great fielding, fitness is the right path of medicine. Only when the body is attached to the fitness level, some super stuffs in fielding is possible. Not only in fielding, even in batting and bowling, fitness plays a vital part and for the cricketer to be in form for a long period of time, essential time in the gym room will be very vital. Now, in today’s column, let us discuss why is fitness important in cricket.

It Increases the Stamina Level

Fitness in Cricket

Fitness in Cricket: In sports, stamina plays a vital part in the field especially in the test format. Stamina gives strength and strength adds value to the performance. Stamina is not something which comes easy, a player should spend ample sweat in the gym and manage the timings for fitness and practice well. For example, if a batsman is needed to play a whole of 2 days in the centre and if his stamina level is low, he will not be able to survive even half a day in the middle. It will become easy to get him out. This makes fitness a reason as it boosts some huge level of stamina.

How did fitness become a trend factor in cricket? yes, it is made a trend By our Indian captain Virat Kohli, let us see what fitness has given him.  

It has Given him the Bat Speed

Batting in Cricket

Fitness in Cricket: This has given him the bat speed, which is a very important factor to succeed as batsman in each game. His fitness paved way for his tremendous reflection and it has also paved way for his excellent run scoring through his bat speed. Finally, what has happened? In a decade, he smashed 41one day hundreds and 25 test hundreds which made him one of the biggest legends the Indian cricket has produced. yes, fitness is the prime reason for all his achievements and if you look at his performance, it has improved in a miracle manner since he has gained his fitness. He scores like a dream yet he only plays shots which all other players execute but this man has that extra timing and bat speed which makes him the next master of Indian cricket.

Ever saw him taking that fit walk before the innings, that shows his fitness level, it will be with an extreme level confidence which only a fitness can give, that’s the way he begins his fearless batting. Whatever the field you are in it is always important to stay fit as it will be shown in your approach and that made Virat Kohli exactly successful in highest level. He never targets a particular body part for making it fit, he naturally keeps entire body fit from top to bottom which will improve in every department of the game. Entire body fitness will boost the strength of any player and Virat Kohli has shown it through his performance. He is the legendary player to have such a great bat speed which allows him to score without limit. He scores sixes like a stylish mosnter because of his bat speed. It is special because in today’s generation players hardly have bat speed as Virat Kohli.

Fitness makes Fielding Acrobatic

Fitness in Cricket: Fitness is the key factor to the excellent fielding and it makes player a vital element for the team. you cannot be otherwise a great player without being fit as players being in team without being a good fielder is the thing of the past.

YO YO Test introduction

YO YO Test

Fitness in Cricket: No matter how good you perform and get into the side, in case if a player fails to pass the yo yo test, he will be sent back due to the lack of fitness. That has become the level of importance level of fitness in the international cricket.

It is very important to maintain the fitness to live a healthy lifestyle, if fitness is achieved , then entire quality of life is achieved and in cricket, it decides the performance of player and it is also the deciding factor of the fate of the team.

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