Equipments and Types of Contact Sports

Contact sports are the kind of competitions in which there is physical contact between players of two opposing sides. A sport in which the equipments used by players come into contact at times is also considered as a contact sport. For example, boxing, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, karate, judo, rugby, football, etc are considered contact sports.

Hockey, ice-hockey and other such equipment based games are also considered contact sports. But sports like tennis, badminton, sprinting, almost all track and field sports, chess, etc. in which there in no physical contact between the players or their equipments, are known as non-contact sports.

Sports which require tackling other opposing players without which the game cannot be played are known as full-contact sports. On the other hand, sports which do not mandatorily demand physical contact are known as non full-contact sport.

Given any sport which needs forceful and rapid impact actions, its respective governing bodies are slowly changing the rules to limit serious physical injuries. Some contact sports injuries can prove to be fatal or decapitating too. There is higher incidence of serious injuries in rugby than any other sport because of the full-contact nature of the sport. Contact sports can be classified into three grades.

Limited Contact Sports

In these sports, the rules are designed in a way that prevents deliberate or unintentional contact among opposing players. This does not mean that these sports are contact-free, and contact may still happen among players. These contacts are often penalized which may include cautioning of the player, or removal of player from the field, and so on. Examples of limited contact sports are football, hockey, netball, polo, basketball etc.

Semi Contact Sports

These sports are the ones in which there is use of striking, hitting, or limiting physical contact methods between opposing players. The power to be used in such sports is limited and it is forbidden or even penalized to render the opponent unconscious. The winner is determined using a point-scoring system based on number of successful hits or strikes at the opponent. Also, protective gear is used extensively in such sports. Kalaripayattu, taekwondo, karate are some examples of semi-contact sports.

Full Contact Sports

In such sports, deliberate, intentional, and forceful physical impact on the opposing players is not penalized and is generally within the rules of the sport. Excessive and forceful physical contact is allowed in these sports. Actions like tackling and blocking which required physical contact are allowed though in different degrees in respective sports. Examples of full contact sports are American football, rugby, judo, full-contact karate, etc.

New and emerging sports like BMX biking and dirt-bike races are also beginning to be considered contact sports because the riders ride and race in packs and often a tactic of bumping other riders off the track is used by players.

Injuries in Contact Sports

As this term is used when there is physical contact between the two players of different team, this increases the chance of injuries and results in different penalties and punishments both by the sports association and the authority of the place where the sport is going on. To handle such situation many sports authorities have made their penalty policies which will be executed in case of any injury sports.

These days there are many television shows and reality show which take place with the objects and physical presence of a person to prove to be the winner. In some of the cases these injuries even result and cause to death of the person and are fatal. Rugby is the most common game where this injury as well as the fatal accidents are more likely to take place.

Equipment used in the Contact Sports

To address the issue of injuries which are likely to happen in some of the sports when there is physical contact between the two players in the sports, there are several equipment to be used in the sports. There are several protective measures available to address the issue of injuries like gloves, helmets, knee pads, masks and underwater hockey.

There are other equipment’s like male genitals and pads to be placed on abdomens are also available in market these days.  It is highly recommended to wear such protective gears while playing such sports to make the player safe and healthy. Even some of the equipment available in the market are very expensive but looking at the long-term benefit and its use the cost is negligible when life is at stake when not putting on such protective gears.

Trends of Contact Sports

Talking about the trends of the sports, in contact sports, it is found that 50 percent of the term is rarely used as people prefer to call the name of the sport rather than using the term contact sports. Government in many countries is taking strict actions to address the issue of injuries and players not using the protective gears. For example- ban on NFL where the player once get injured is not allowed to re -enter the same game is nice initiative towards the same.

These are the sports where there is physical contact established between the two players in different team. Some of such examples of sports are boxing, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, karate, judo, rugby, football, etc. There are various types of contact sports based on physical contact of the players like limited contact sports which includes football, hockey, netball, polo, basketball, semi contact sports that includes Kalaripayattu, taekwondo, karate and full contact sports like American football, rugby, judo, full-contact karate, etc.

One of the important component while talking about the contact sports is safety part. As this sport is between two persons coming in physical contact from two different team may lead to injuries some time and it could result to death and severe health issue as well. To manage such situations, the best solution is to use protective gears which are available in market these days. Some of such protective gears are gloves, helmets, knee pads, masks and underwater hockey.

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